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Get armed with your *soul lift* toolbox and face life’s lessons with a renewed sense of resiliency and levity.

Unwrap your weird, live outside the box

At this moment you may be feeling totally disconnected.

Apathetic, dull, anxious, lost, angry or just plain old uncomfortable in your own skin. You’re going through some serious life challenges and unsure as to how the heck you’re gonna pull yourself outta this one.

You’re kinda more than a lil’ bit freaking out over there, aren’t you?

I feel you 100%, lil’ beb :: you’re “in it”

The good news is: you may be on the brink of a major personal growth experience.

Yup. This is an opportunity to go through “it” in a way that is going to awaken the playfulness despite the painfulness of this moment. This is where you learn to be free again, like you were as a child. Free to express and live life in JOY.

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I’m here to serve your spiritual awakening

Reconnecting to your unbridled self. Unencumbered by expectations and standards of culture and society. Remembering who you were meant to be in this world. Fulfilled and honoring your truth. Able to care for yourself emotionally and physically. Safe within your own body.

I believe that we awaken when we shed all layers of the self that have held us back from living that ecstatic HECK YES that is our birthright.

My awakening quickened during a dark night of the soul lasting about 6 years. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer and all of a sudden I was forced to heal and shed fearful trauma that had been holding me down for years. I had to sit with the grief and self-imposed bodily and emotional restrictions I’d placed upon myself in an effort to stay ‘safe’. Meeting with death head-on made me reevaluate my perception of reality.

Dad’s illness and inevitable passing was the catalyst. Finding the silver lining through crisis was my medicine.

By teaching myself tools to transcend my trauma, I began to be reborn.

Emerging from my chrysalis as a magnificent mosaic colored by the experiences that shaped me. Ready to serve.

As a trained performer, yoga teacher, death doula, and former Capitol Hill political junkie : I have learned -- it takes some major shapeshifting to get through this wild roller coaster called life.

I specialize in using guided movement, emotional release techniques, vocal training, and intuitive SOUL MASSAGE (aka reiki) to guide people through their deepest darkest night of the soul.

I have been there -- and I’m here to show you the bridge between perceived pain to grounded contentment and joy.


Let’s massage your SOUL

Intuitively guided healing sessions including reiki, yoga, singing, guided movement, meditation, and self-healing techniques for those undergoing profound metamorphosis, spiritual emergence, or a “dark night of the soul”. Catalyzing radically joyful shifts with guided re-centering, distance energetic cleansing. Includes intuitively gifted tools to arm you for self-healing.

Services and Offerings


Energetic Top Up
Single Session

A 75-minute shamanic reiki session to free yourself from fatigue and energy depletion-- a lil’ love for your energetic body!

Crisis Alchemy
One month intensive

Four session Soul Massage recovery intensive for those experiencing a recent traumatic wound. Ideal for transitions: Break ups, death of a loved one, loss of a job, physical healing, dark night of the soul, etc. Be held for 30 days in a sacred container for emotional and physical freedom.


Upcoming Healing Performances
Dates to be announced SOON!

Experience live transmissions of Elena, the character comedienne -- a surreal merging of shaman and sacred performer that will leave you breathless, eager for more :: armed with real-life tools to diffuse stress, and embrace the inner YOU.