Your fears of allowing yourself to be seen in your power are holding you back from living a joyful, FULL life.

Your pain body is crying out for help -- and its more than an “ow I stubbed my toe” kinda feel.

Maybe this unsettled yearning has manifested as physical pain in the form of an injury or the emotional trauma is bleeding out into your personal life just screaming for attention.

Panic attacks, freak-out moments, and a general feeling of existential crisis seem to pepper your every waking moment.

You’re in crisis :: you know you’re ready to shift but unsure how to do it.

Going to the doctor has perhaps eased the pain —

the therapist helps you talk through the details of your symptoms --

This is integral to your journey, of course -- yet your discomfort may feel like an itch that can’t be scratched.

Somewhere along the way you lost that vision you had as a child of your adult self: full of life & vitality -- successful and respected in your career -- loved -- and connected to your divine mission : being a beacon of light here on earth.

The story of your life has caused you to stifle that spark within you. To make others more comfortable, you’ve played small: the victim. You want people to like you, love you -- but are afraid of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, of taking up too much space.

You’re aching to get to the root of the problem, which lies in your energetic signature.

The story of your life is told on your body -- in the places where you hide your emotional pain.

Because of this, you’ve lost your connection to SELF.

You want to move forward with your life but feel totally helpless and held back by your past trauma --

You may find yourself wistfully staring off into the distance wondering --  

“What is wrong with me?”

“Why do I feel so pain?”

“What or WHO am I waiting for?”

“Why can’t I just ‘get over’ this?”

“Why can’t I just feel comfortable in my own skin and not always be trying to impress everyone all the time?”

“Would my friends, family, or even that cutie over there not love me if I wore my heart on my sleeve? Can I let my fabulous freak flag fly?”

“Am I ‘too’ much?”

You no longer want to allow others to silence you or make you feel less than : you’re ready to be heard. You’re ready to be SEEN. You’re ready to be WILDLY WEIRD -- This is your time.

Say YES to the part of you that is uninhibited or held back from traumas, grief, or fears of judgement from others.

You want to be soulful and at-one with a spiritual practice that grounds you and sets you on your path for success - ready to reach those next heights fully armed and ready to take on all of life’s challenges.

You want those in your life to know you for the fun, loving, and playful version of yourself that you connected with as a child.

THIS is where we unleash your wild moxie: the real you.

So that you’re free. To be. To express. To feel deep joy.

Here’s how:

soul massage.png

Learn to calibrate yourself into fuller embodiment because ultimately:

you are your own guru.

I guide you out of your perceived emotional and physical pain points by offering my self-taught techniques for transmutation of energy.

You’ll learn to straddle the spiritual and the physical worlds with a renewed sense of You-ness.

It works because, you KNOW who you were as a child : connected to play, joy, and spirit. You remember who you dreamed you’d ‘grow up’ to be. You know you can get there -- I’ll help lead you back. Hand in hand.

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