Silly can be Spiritual too, who knew?

You’ve had all the green juices

— done all the silent retreats, heck - you even drank some Peruvian hallucinogenic medicine in the middle of a rainforest yet STILL - you’re not quite where you want to be.

You’ve tapped out all the wiki-how to’s for happiness, you’ve read every wellness column and worked with multiple “healers” claiming all sorts of things to keep you coming back.


I think we all crave a hand to hold as we face life’s toughest challenges.

Whether it’s grieving the loss of a loved one, healing from a broken relationship, moving on from a cherished home, or being nervous to take that next leap in our careers.

I searched far and WIDE all around the world for my GURU :: but no matter how many mountains I climbed, and YES, no matter how many plant medicines I drank (lol) -- it all lead back to me needing to sit alone - and TEACH myself --- my own set of tools -- my own set of rules. And I remembered: LIFE IS HILARIOUS and my power to heal is in my ability to PLAY my way through pain.  

Time to kick that furrowed brow to the curb, babe. It ain’t cute!

I am here to teach you how to heal yourself through spiritual awakening. Use PLAY to process and let go of what needs to be released with joy, arrive on the other side -- welcoming yourself back to you : the you that you’ve dreamed of: awake, wise, and empowered, laughing and free-- armed with the tools you need to move forward in your life.

Healing doesn’t need to be all serious

Hours of mantra chanting, surviving on air in the himalayas.  The wisdom is within your smile, your laugh, your ability to shake off all holding and seriousness in the body and mind :: I am here to provide the space for you to reconnect with your own inner healer.

Release all old energetic patterning within the body to free yourself to embody the playful, powerful YOU that you’ve been itching to reconnect with. THIS -- is awakening. To the truth. Your truth. YOU.

This is the gateway back to self. Re-connection to that divine I AM. TOI.

Catalyze the person you were meant to be. Re-awaken the wisdom of your weird.


Soul Massage

Intuitively guided shamanic reiki geared toward unveiling that playful, wild one that lurks beneath your heart’s surface.

Whattup QT!

Elena here, your local Casual Lady Shaman and Sacred Performer

I started to teach myself shamanism when I had hit a spiritual rock bottom.

My performance career had stalled after my father had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I remember sitting in my Brooklyn apartment, and thinking “I just want to be a shaman dagnabit!”

So I answered that call and dove into my studies.

When Dad was diagnosed, I began to experience intensely mystical things. As he laid in the balance between life and death - my perception of the unseen world began to emerge.

Hearing voices, feeling whispers in my ears, seeing strange lights, and feeling the benevolent presence of spirits around me became a daily phenomenon.

Luckily, I had my yoga practice to anchor me down, but most of what I experienced would be viewed as “insane” to most. I often wondered if I was truly “losing it”.

I decided to release resistance : inviting the grim reaper in for a cup’ o tea.

What I learned in this dance with death and spirituality, was that I began to fine tune my ability to straddle the world of spirit and physical reality.

I began to build a bridge between my grief, and widened the scope to see that this was a huge opportunity for emotional, ancestral, and physical healing of myself and family.

I sharpened my tools of psychic awareness -  the ability to view how energy moves within a person or space, and with careful practice, I was able to “shut off” certain extrasensory abilities when necessary.

Through incorporating different healing techniques I discovered while guiding my father through his death experience, I’ve lead hundreds of people in yoga classes, workshops, and one-on-one intensives on how to become aware of their own energetic selves - and how to guide themselves through their own dark night of the soul.


More than anything - what I serve is a reconnection with our most natural state -- at one with ourselves -- the feeling of being fully autonomous -- completely at ease.

Free to embrace weirdness and JOY.

These are the tools for healing and awakening.

As I helped guide my father through his death from brain cancer, he taught me: take nothing seriously, because in reality -- most things aren’t brain surgery.