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Halloween Grime Party at the Ink Factory

An old INK FACTORY on the most northwest corner of Greenpoint, BK, invites you for a night of GRIME.

Costumes necessary.  

Lights. Tricks. Sound. Dance. Games. Mania. 

* 10-12am: Possessed Grime Factory: A sensory overload -- noise, lights, tactile -- cleaner souls may seek refuge from the trance and sit among the terrace fires, and gaze on the city's skyline before the carnival erupts. 

*11-??: Outdoor Fire Carnival (rotten apple-bobbing, the lemming's pinyata slaughter, safety-third fire games and ad-hack performances).

- 2AM: The Grime Costume Awards.
- 1:23AM: The Raffle for BooCat's Party Bag.

Rick Trento: 12-12:45am.
ABC Bass Set: 1am.
Guest DJ/Party Set: 2-3 (Contact if interested).
Teddy Midnight: 3:30am-???

Come for an unforgettable night -- and if you already have plans consider us for your AFTER PARTY as 4-piece-band Teddy Midnight arrives around 3AM for our LATE NIGHT Electro Dance Funk show.

**Price: The best things are free; bring your gifts, treats, or talents to share.

tl;dr Haunted house inside, then music, with fire play and games on the terrace!

Later Event: November 17
Candle Light Yoga